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Hi, I'm Hope and

I love to eat food and I love to create food. I love how food brings folks together around a table. I love how food can hold memories and tell a story.

My love for cooking began as a teenager and grew even more after I married my handsome husband, Joshua, who happens to love to eat too. Like my Dad said at our wedding, "we have the potential for a growing relationship."

My childhood years were surrounded by good food. We used milk and beef from our farm, eggs from my Uncle's farm, and vegetables from our garden. I never once questioned where food came from because I lived surrounded by it growing and changing right in front of my eyes.  Not until I moved away to start my own home and family did I realize how lucky I was to grow up being surrounded by homegrown food.

I am a Mennonite, but first and foremost a follower of Christ. I desire to do His will while I am here on this earth, to glorify him through the way and I live my life and encourage others in their journey as well. 

I am human. I am not perfect. Some folks ask, "how do you do it all?" I don't do it all... I have dirty corners and laundry piled high. I thrive when I am creating things. I had some very rough years after we had our first daughter, Caroline, due to postpartum depression. It's still hard for me to talk about but God is faithful in the darkest times. Through it all, I have become more compassionate towards others and have a deeper understanding of those who struggle. Anyways, I also learned through my journey that creating really is self-care for me. I don't create to be noticed, I create because it's who I am. I strive to use the gifts God has given me to glorify him.

This site is a way I can share bits of my life with you. 


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So here it finally is... Hope's Table, a collection of my Mom's

 family recipes and ones I've developed over the past ten years.

Click the cover image to get your copy now.

Have you seen my new

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